Technology Game of Thrones

Wayne Bulmahn ,   Board Member

Wayne Bulmahn

Board Member

Like many of you, I try my best to pursue extracurricular readings focusing on innovation in a variety of industries and disciplines.  I hope to gain new insights into what differentiates the most successful organizations, particularly those who take calculated risks to disrupt their markets and leapfrog their competitors.  Many times, these disruptors are those organizations that find transformative ways to intimately enhance the lives of their customers. 

In an October 2nd Barron's article, the writer talked with Scott Galloway (Professor of Digital Marketing at NYU) about his recent book that addressed this very topic, The Four: The Hidden DNA of Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google.  These organizations are wildly successful and universally acknowledged as the best at what they do, creating huge, unique markets by identifying new opportunities to transform the lives of their customers.

Each of these impressive companies continues to innovate, disrupt and expand following this formula.  But now each is so large that it is difficult to be the best at all they do, especially as the companies start to compete against each other.  The writer equated the situation to Game of Thrones and asked Galloway who would ascend to the Iron Throne.  Galloway felt the winner would be Amazon since they were a notch above the others in continually driving innovation and value for their customers.

The customer innovation lessons from these four companies are compelling. 

To understand how you can leverage this game changing focus for your organization, we invite you to join us for a breakfast discussion on December 7th with Glenn Schneider, Executive Vice President & CIO for Discover Financial Services. Glenn is the 2017 winner of the prestigious CIO of the Year Award from the Executive's Club of Chicago, SIM & AITP as well as a winner of the 2017 CIO 100 award and one of Computerworld's 2017 Premier 100 Technology Leaders.  He will add his insights on Digital Transformation with a Customer-Focused Culture

Specifically, Glenn will discuss how IT must create an ecosystem that continuously delivers an exceptional customer experience, incorporating the latest digital innovations and cognitive technologies.  He will highlight how IT leadership must mobilize the organization to embrace change and focus on the customer at the center.  While the journey is a challenge, it's necessary in order to create the most rewarding and successful customer relationships.

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