Human Helping Human

Don Schmidt ,  Board Member

Don Schmidt,

Board Member

I was awakened the other morning with the news about a gunman taking horrific liberties on unsuspecting concert goers in Las Vegas; 58 unsuspecting people died and many more were wounded. Just last month hurricanes wreaked havoc on Houston and Puerto Rico. It seems devastation is all around us whether man made or natural. From various news medium one thing that was clear to me for these events is as humans we help other humans in time of need. Whether through natural disaster or an inhumane act of one human to another human, it is important that while we are walking, talking and breathing, we need to be the best person we can be to one another.

One of the many reasons I volunteer time to SIM Chicago is because of our commitment to give back to our community. Recently SIM Chicago hosted a golf tournament helping i.c.stars|*. At the recent SIM Fall Gala, SIM Chicago presented i.c.starsI* with a $40K check to support their mission. SIM Chicago also underwrites a scholarship program that grants a scholarship to a candidate committed to improving the IT community. SIM Chicago also hosts many events that bring the community together for much-needed human interaction.

SIM Chicago is proud to be able to contribute to the human aspect of why we belong to SIM Chicago. SIM Chicago is one of the largest SIM chapters for many reasons. While some may think it is about the technology; it is human helping human. It is how we humans are wired. Free of technology.

On behalf of the entire SIM Chicago Board of Directors, we are thankful to our members and the value you bring to the organization. We are humans helping humans. Let's stay in touch and plan to attend one of our upcoming events.  Our next event is an exclusive CIO invitation-only event on Friday October 20, 2017 at mHub - Chicago's first innovation center focused on physical product development and manufacturing that fosters connections between local manufacturers, university researchers, and Chicago's entrepreneurial community. To find out more about this event, please visit the event page here.