Game Day

Alwin Brunner , Board Member

Alwin Brunner, Board Member

Dear SIM member:

Hopefully you had the opportunity to enjoy the summer, I know I did. At home, we now are back in the school-routine but we look back at a summer with time to enjoy family and friends.

The SIM Chicago program year has also restarted - Thursday's event on innovation hosted at the Bosch Connectory was a great event with lively discussion and mind-share as well as a great way to re-connect with many friends and peers.

The next big SIM opportunity to connect is our Fall Gala, September 21st, where we have planned for a phenomenal evening. The title of the keynote is 'Think like a Champion'. Now, our SIM Chicago 2017/2018 theme is 'Change the game'. Coincidence you may think - not really. Most ideas stem from looking at current business differently, listening to and learning from others and translating your thoughts into actions. If you, like me, are looking at opportunities to help your organizations to change the game, you probably have already learned that that requires you to up your own game as well.

I look forward to learning from coach Jim Fannin about how to 'up my game' and learning from you about what you are doing to 'change the game' for your organizations and yourself.

Having mind-share and dialog suggest that we need to communicate and stay connected. This coincides nicely with our chapter's programs agenda but I thought that I would share some practical tips. Please consider the following practical things to get the most of your SIM membership:

  1. Today, plan the SIM Chicago events in your calendar
  2. Attend our Gala - a very effective and efficient way to connect with peers
  3. Use the networking opportunity before dinner to get acquainted with at least 3 new people
  4. At the gala, get to know the people at your table
  5. After the gala, setup time to re-connect with some of the people you got to know at the gala

This may come across as trivial and you probably feel you were going to do this no matter what. The real message obviously is that our IT Leadership community is strong and continues to be strong due to us all staying connected, sharing thoughts, learning from each other and giving back to the Chicago-land IT community.

I look forward to seeing you at the SIM Chicago Fall Gala, September 21st. Registration is open and can be done by clicking

If you have any questions about the gala, please don't hesitate to contact me or anyone else of our SIM Chicago board: