The Approaching Tsunami

Gail Holmberg ,  Board Member

Gail Holmberg,

Board Member

I have participated recently in a number of events centered on the topic of industry disruption.  I saw a virtual assistant handle level one customer assistance and improve her approach based on customer feedback.  I heard from a CIO who is about to test driverless vehicles for warehouse deliveries. A food company is looking at leveraging Blockchain to track product from the live animal at the farm to the package at the store.  And, Howard Tullman, CEO of 1871, literally peppered us with examples as the luncheon speaker at the Evanta CIO Executive Summit.  These are not theoretical examples; they are current initiatives.  These innovations go far beyond the concept of "digital transformation".  We are clearly on the cusp of a wave (or more likely a tsunami) of unprecedented industry disruption.

This disruption cycle is changing the definition of the successful technology leader.  The new leader is expected to bring thought leadership to the executive team and the board regarding potential industry disruption and emerging opportunities. The leader will be expected to embed technology in business processes, services and products.  The "workforce" of the business and of the IT department will include virtual assistants and robots as well as humans, and the leader will be expected to manage their interactions.

Therefore, one of my New Year's resolutions is to take the time to more deeply reflect on the implications of this tsunami and its likely impacts on the industries I serve.  And I will be making time to have more sharing conversations with other technology leaders and vendors to gather additional insights.  I want to be prepared to be a leader who can help companies ride this wave.

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