Building Your Technology Strategy (Storytelling)

Susan Malisch , Board Member

Susan Malisch, Board Member

I am a big fan of telling a story to engage other business leaders in understanding the value of IT and technology strategy.  But how do we do this well when the world of technology is filled with constant change, complexity, acronyms, and excruciating detail that makes others eyes glaze over?!

At Loyola University Chicago, we’ve made an attempt to develop a “technology strategy on a page”.  This design has helped us share the story, initially in a consumable form, that others outside of IT can easily understand.  We follow this business story with a layered approach of more detailed views that help articulate what we must do to achieve our desired future state. 

The one page story begins as follows showing the basic premise in an easy-to-understand format that describes how we want the technology experience to enable the many relationships a university must maintain.  So, envision yourself as any one of the following members of our community and read on for the experience we’d like you to have:

If I’ve piqued your interest, click here for the next layers of detail on our roadmap for Anytime Anywhere Access including the concepts of the vision, the detailed user experience, and the planned technology change required to deliver the vision!  While I still see these as working documents, I’ve shared these specifics for two purposes:  1) to share some real examples of building a technology strategy that may inspire helpful ideas for how you think through your own process of storytelling, and 2) to ask for your reaction, feedback, comments and suggestions to help us continue our thought process for Loyola University Chicago.  I really am interested in hearing from you – an outside perspective is so helpful!  Please send your thoughts to me at