How do you attract and retain top IT Talent?

Alwin Brunner ,   Board Member

Alwin Brunner

Board Member

Talented people are what drive our technology industry. Good technology talent is in high demand these days. That in itself also brings retention risks for you as an IT leader. We all know the risks of losing top talent, so I won't have to elaborate on that.

As an IT leader, you probably already know what is involved to attract and retain top IT talent..

How do you attract and retain top IT talent? You probably know a lot about that already, but in case you were wondering what I was thinking - here's what I believe matters:

  • A great place to work - culture, space, accessibility
  • A modern and forward-technology strategy
  • A way for people to learn and further their development, both professionally and personally

As an IT leader, these organizational aspects help a great deal with attraction and retention of top IT talent probably, nothing new so far.

But did you know that as a member of SIM-Chicago, you have the opportunity to share the benefits of SIM with your leadership team? Many of these benefits support your attraction and retention strategy when used right. Our organization has done so and it has helped my team develop significantly. Here are some considerations for you:

  • Our program events hit on relevant topics and allow for mind sharing
  • The network you create allows you to connect with peers and accelerate development by learning from experience from others
  • A flex-membership allows you to add seats to program events for your team for discounted fees
  • Our SIM IT Leaders training program, RLF, is a well-established and life-changing learning and training program for upcoming IT leaders

What is the call to action? Here it is:

  • Join the next great events of our chapter - see the for the events calendar
  • Plan your calendar ahead to attend our events
  • Sign up for a flex-membership and nominate IT leaders in your team as flex members
  • If in doubt, ask the attending SIM Chicago board members about how to leverage the benefits better and broader - they will happy to help you with this

I look forward to helping you with this and I look forward to seeing you at one of our events soon!