"Oh, the humanity!"

Paul Corning,    Board Member

Paul Corning,

Board Member

I never cease to be amazed by the challenges projects and programs face achieving the business value that someone used to justify the investment. Strategic technology projects get funded based on changing the way people think and work, yet when those projects are delivered they often fail to drive the people/process changes and never quite achieve the user adoption that is fundamental to the value on which the project was funded.

There are countless articles about the failure rate of technology initiatives but my experience is that technical risk on projects is much lower than the user adoption and people/process change risk. I believe that we long ago reached a tipping point where the greatest challenge on a complex IT project will be the people change and user adoption issues. Even the most advanced and technically challenging work is easier to get right than getting users and executives to change and to use the system and applications as intended.

I think SIM Chicago is similar - that we think about all the events that are held and we attend based on the topics and speakers, but really it is all about the people that are present in the room. Our 300 members are the greatest asset that we offer you, and your decision to show up should be because of who else you know, who you should get to know, or who you can meet that will be in the room.

Our Fall Gala last week brought together 250+ IT executives and professionals, all available and ready for you to meet and add to your network. On Wednesday, November 7th we will join together in Schaumburg to volunteer on behalf of a very worthwhile charity, Feed My Starving Children. Please join us at an upcoming event and get to know more of the SIM Chicago members and peers in your technology community. It is, after all, all about the people.