The Power of Your Network

Don Schimdt ,  Board Member

Don Schimdt,

Board Member

Mark Griesbaum mentioned in last week's newsletter about getting uncomfortable to be successful and about the importance of networking.

In 2014, I started on a multi-year journey executing a business-driven strategy to transition all IT business systems and their support from internal resources (technology and human) to a cloud-first, managed services IT solution. Talk about being uncomfortable! The cloud was an emerging technology back then, and continues to mature today. There were not many companies making such a commitment to jump to the cloud at the time. And the company was never on the bleeding edge of technology. As a matter of fact, we were replacing some rather ancient technology.

I knew when the journey started I could either jump ship like many others within the IT organization did. Or I could see it through and have a great success story to tell at the end of the journey. I chose to see it through. Recently I completed the transition. And while I learned all about the business and built many important relationships with employees, suppliers and customers, the journey was uncomfortable at times; but extremely successful! I am now relying on the power of my network to present my next success journey.

In 2008, I joined SIM Chicago. I have been an active member in the organization as well as a board member. Many of the relationships I developed through SIM Chicago came in handy during the cloud-first journey. What I did not know was that I could reach out to several SIM Chicago members within the network to bounce ideas, learn about industry best practices or simply to check my sanity. Developing and nurturing relationships plays a key role in my success strategy. My experiences are an excellent example of power of networking and a great success story! If you are interested in hearing more about this cloud journey and success story feel free to reach out to me.

The SIM Chicago Fall Gala is just around the corner. Plan to spend an evening with many of your colleagues, myself included, as well as spending an evening with Mike Rogers. Mike is a retired Admiral, US Navy. Mike will share lessons he learned during his 37 years in various leadership roles; most recently head of the National Security Agency (NSA). Click here to register for an evening of learning and relationships.

I hope to see you at the Gala!