How are you evaluating 2018 and planning 2019?

Tom Behnke,   Board Member

Tom Behnke,

Board Member

For many of us this is the season where we are finalizing our 2018 outcomes and starting to plan our 2019 outcomes. During the Evanta CIO Executive Summit this week, we heard a number of themes that should be influencing how we approach these activities.

These themes started during the opening keynote by Andrew Razeghi. He talked about how creativity is the number one leadership skill. Would you consider this the number one skill for you and your organization? Should it be? But what does creativity mean? For me, it can mean different things in different business situations, but the message was clear around needing to continue to learn and then determining how to apply this knowledge in novel ways. This links to other messages around how we must continue to transform ourselves from "IT leaders" to "business leaders who understand technology." Is it not how we help transform the business with the help of technology that sets us apart as leaders? Seems like creativity to me.

Another challenge comes to mind as we start to wrap up 2018, are we looking through the right lens to judge how the year is going to wrap up and what we are planning on accomplishing in 2019? For me one of those lenses is how are my work experiences, experiences through my network and formal education programs pushing me to learn and apply these learnings in ways that create higher value solutions. It is through organizations such as SIM Chicago and events such as the Evanta CIO Executive Summit that help me achieve this goal. While I used an example from the keynote, I always leave these events with a couple of nuggets that I hope to apply to the problems I am facing. It is through our network, events we attend and the drive to continue to learn that helps continue to transform us from "IT people" to "business leaders who understand technology" as the CEO of ServiceNow shared with us. What nuggets did you take from the last event you attended? Are you able to successfully apply any of those nuggets in ways that created higher value than you would have accomplished otherwise?

For me, success is not only ensuring the business outcomes were delivered but that I accelerated how I personally grew through a desire to keep learning so that I continue to improve and create higher value.   We still have another SIM Chicago breakfast event approaching on Dec 13th at the Clubhouse Oakbrook featuring John Phillips, Sr VP CIO Briggs Healthcare & COO Briggs Homecare talking about Cloud & Cancer - A Tale of Two Transformations. Is there a couple of nuggets that you could take away from spending a few hours over breakfast with your fellow SIM members? I expect to and will be there to continue my journey on how I continue to learn and strive to create higher value. I hope to see you there also and I would challenge you to consider looking at how your personal growth is a key component of your outcomes in 2019.