Welcome to March Madness!

Dan Vonder Heide ,  Board Member

Dan Vonder Heide,

Board Member

As a Loyola University Chicago employee and alum, Loyola's long-awaited return to the NCAA and their victory yesterday over Miami have me pretty excited. Seeing all the interviews pre- and post-game with Coach Porter Moser, the players, and our team Chaplain, Sister Jean, reminds me just how much effective coaching is an integral part in our role as leaders to ensure our teams have the structure and guidance required to continue to develop and advance over time.  

We've all heard time and again that strong leaders are coaches in some way or another. As leaders we understand that in order to improve the capability of others, we must go beyond traditional management and take on the responsibility of coaching in order to create sustainable team results. This includes developing a sense of trust, pushing our people out of their comfort zone, creating a common goal and having everyone embracing that target, being fully prepared but able to adjust in a moment's notice, and most importantly, recognizing that it takes more than a single player to win a game.

Leaders understand that this approach creates an environment of learning where individual and shared challenges are the first priority.  It's similar to how a successful NCAA coach operates; we're not simply directing a group -- whether it's made up of athletes or programmers or network architects -- but guiding the organization to be greater than the sum of its parts.

As we each look to develop our teams and our own coaching abilities, I encourage you to continue to leverage your SIM membership to its fullest by attending our events. On March 29 SIM will be hosting its Spring Gala with keynote speaker Steve Salisbury, who will be sharing some great ideas about how transformational leaders have taken their companies through serious change. I hope to see you there.