How far we have come!

Curtis Spall ,   Board Member

Curtis Spall

Board Member

Dear CIOs and Executive IT Leaders,   

How far we have come!  This became clearer for me after attending the SIM CIO Breakfast Roundtable on March 1st that was well attended by local CIOs.  The topic was CIOs and their relationship with their Board of Directors.  The event was facilitated  by an incredible panel of distinguished executives: two former CIOs of Fortune 500 companies and current board members of name recognized companies, a CEO of an executive consulting company and board member of a Fortune 100 company and an executive recruiter for CEOs and Board of Directors. 

The panelists provided a multitude of insights on how CIOs communicate and build relationships with their Boards and potentially become board members themselves.  During the roundtable dialogue it struck me that the CIO role has progressed from leading a back office department managed as a cost center to influencing the business strategy in the boardroom as IT becomes an essential enabler of market disruption and company growth.  With increasing attention to the role of technology in the business strategy by board of directors, there is an enormous opportunity for CIOs to serve as THE transformative leaders in their companies.  If you believe that to be true, then seeking the insights and experiences of experts as well as your technology peers is as important now as ever! 

I walked out of the event thinking how fortune I was to have access to such an accomplished and experienced group of executive leaders.  For me, there is no better time to be in IT and with a rich set of programs and access to a strong network of IT Leaders, there is no better time to be a SIM Member!

As you continue your journey as a transformative leader, I encourage you to leverage your SIM membership to its fullest by attending our events.