Spring in Chicago

John Fisher  ,  Board Member

John Fisher ,

Board Member

Spring is always an interesting time in Chicago, and even though we had a relatively mild Winter, most of us are ready for a change. Even though some might think it was a bit premature for my neighbor to run the gas out of his snow blower this weekend, I applaud him for leading the neighborhood by embracing change with a positive attitude. Spring brings about change in organizations as well as the weather and each of us should take time this time of year to reflect on how we can make things better in our organizations.

As technology professionals we are often at the forefront of change in our organizations, and as business professionals we understand that change brings about rewards as well as risks. We have all seen the pace and scope of change increase over the past few years, and a lot of CIO's are working hard to bring about a Digital Transformation within their organizations. One of our many jobs as technology leaders is to help our companies move from Business as Usual to the new world where Customer Experience can make or break an organization and where innovative technologies like Blockchain can completely transform the way we work. Some organizations are embracing the Digital Transformation and others need help maintaining a positive approach to change. Transformation is never easy, but it can be exciting, and it is often necessary so that our organization doesn't get Ubered by those unknown competitors out there.

If you are interested in learning more about how companies have successfully gone through global change and transformation, then you will want to join your peers for an evening of interesting discussion and networking at the SIM Spring Gala, on March 29th. The keynote speaker is Steve Salisbury who will be sharing some great ideas about how transformational leaders have taken their companies through serious change.