Developing our next generation of leaders

Mark Griesbaum ,   Board Member

Mark Griesbaum,

Board Member

Over this past year, I've written SIM Newsletters about the idea of "Getting UNCOMFORTABLE to be Successful", and about the importance of "Networking". 

This year my message to all our SIM Chicago Chapter members is about developing our next generation of leaders. It is our responsibility to provide the experiences, coaching and mentoring to our "High Potential" staff so that they can help us solve even more complex business issues that will face all of us in the near and distant future. Technology is used by every single worker across the world today. Tell me who can now do their job without technology? Nobody! The world depends on technology and figuring out how to continue to improve the operations of their company which will in turn provide the best products and services to their customers.

This will take strong leaders within IT and the business working hand-in-hand to figure this out for their particular organization. It is all of our responsibility to develop the talent and leadership that will be prepared for the future. 

I can think of no better investment in your high potential staff, but the experience they will gain from the SIM RLF Leadership Program. There are now over 5,000 graduates of the Program across the country over the past 25 years. This year we had our largest class in the Midwest Forum with a total of 52 people thanks to our Chicago Chapter's support. Our class had participants from 22 companies across 9 Midwest and eastern states. Our class also is very diverse with 37% women, and more than 1/3rd being born outside the U.S. This diversity is very beneficial to the learning these individuals are afforded, and hopefully indicates the diversity within your own teams. 

This opportunity is providing each person with 51 peers whom they can now "network" with for the remainder of their careers. Each peer has provided them with incredible and valuable insights into their strengths and areas for improvement as they seek to become stronger leaders in business and family life. 

Our next Class will begin in March, 2019 through October. It will be held at the Lincolnshire Marriott this next program year. Please consider sending one of your leaders to this Program. 

 You can learn more about the Program at: 

The RLF Program is a Life Changing Experience!!