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The application process is straight forward, requiring you to register on our association platform and provide details for our selection committee to consider.  You will be notified within 72 business hours of your application results.   

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SIM Chicago provides a unique opportunity to interact with thought leaders throughout the technology and business fields and to join peers in giving back to the industry and community.   Benefits include:

  • Networking with senior IT executives from industry, government, non-profit, and academic sectors.
  • Invitation to a variety of events that are scheduled from September through June that feature nationally recognized thought leaders, chosen by practitioners to challenge and expand your understanding of how technology can address challenging business issues. The events focus on real world experiences, insights from industry pundits, academic research, technology innovation, and the impact of technology on the community. 
  • Participation, if qualified, in CIO-only sponsored events to expand your reach with other senior leaders.
  • Philanthropic opportunities for selected charities through our annual golf tournament, dinners, and other social and honorary events. 
  • Invitations and discounts to other technology programs offered by our partners and friends across Chicagoland. 
  • Opportunity to contribute to dialog between educators and industry leaders regarding future staffing needs in the technology field (underprivileged young adults, local middle and high schools, and universities).
  • Access all of the SIM International benefits, as found on

Membership categories

SIM Chicago provides a number of types of membership, from individual to group, flex corporate memberships, and sponsor / vendor memberships.  Learn which one fits your needs best.

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Often times our members are so busy, they may not remember to renew (hard to imagine, right!) As a current member you can renew your membership by clicking below.    


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Membership Categories

Standard Individual Member - We heard you!  For 2018, we are excited to offer a set of new membership programs to make the investment easier, ensure attendance options, and provide a new 'all events' membership pass which makes it possible to attend all of the events and programs at a discount with one annual investment! 

Academic Individual Faculty Member - $195 - for higher education IT faculty leaders

New!! Academic Flex Memberships - a new membership option that allows an academic institution to receive the full benefits of multiple academic individual faculty memberships without the need to name specific individuals. The membership is based on a number of seats, and an institution can choose to send any academic faculty members it chooses to fill its available seats at any SIM event. This membership option is not available to IT product and service providing companies.

2 Seat Academic Flex Membership - $295
3 Seat Academic Flex Membership - $395
4 Seat Academic Flex Membership - $495
5 Seat Academic Flex Membership - $595

Not For Profit (NFP) Individual Member - $195 for charitable and 501(c) IT leaders

Retired Individual Professional - $195 - for retired professionals who served as a senior IT leader

Extended!! Corporate Flex Memberships - a membership option that allows a company to receive the full benefits of multiple standard memberships at a substantially reduced price and without the need to name specific individuals. The membership is based on a number of seats and a company can choose to send any members of its leadership teams it chooses to fill its available seats at any SIM event. This membership option is not available to IT product and service providing companies.

2 Seat Corporate Flex Membership - $695
3 Seat Corporate Flex Membership - $895
4 Seat Corporate Flex Membership - $1,095
5 Seat Corporate Flex Membership - $1,295

Once you click above, you will be invited to login to the SIM Applicant and Member portal to securely provide your application.   Be sure to complete the registration entirely to be considered! 


It Pays to Refer Qualified Candidates!!

Refer qualified candidates to SIM Chicago and receive $100 when your candidate is accepted and pays his / her dues.

Program Rules

  • Referrals must be completed online via this site. Verbal referrals are not eligible for a referral incentive. A referral candidate must be contacted by SIM Chicago prior to the candidate applying for membership.
  • The person referring a candidate will receive $100 for each qualified, accepted candidate when that candidate's dues are paid.
  • There is no limit on the number of referrals an individual may make
  • Referred candidates may not be current SIM members during either the 2016 or 2017 calendar year.
  • Candidates must qualify for membership per SIM's membership guidelines.

Thank you for helping your SIM Chicago Chapter grow!!


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Membership Renewals for 2018

Dear SIM Chicago Friends:

With over 250 members we have one of the most dynamic and engaged chapters in the country.  As a member of SIM Chicago, you are participating in the premier non-profit business technology leadership community run by an all-volunteer board of CIO's and other IT leaders. SIM Chicago is here all year long to help you and your team to build a strong network and create value for your business. Over 20 programs annually both in the city and throughout the suburbs connect IT leaders to make an impact in their companies, their careers and the community. We are proud to support the future IT leaders through our STEM scholarships, support of i.c. stars, and life changing leadership development programs like RLF.

This year we’re excited to introduce several new membership options including multi-year memberships and memberships that include the cost of all SIM Chicago events bundled with your membership – with substantial discounts for both multi-year and bundling.  When you renew, please take a minute to consider if any of these options appeals to you.  All membership options can be found at :

Remember, your membership can pay you back when you REFER  qualified candidates who join our community. Help us to expand and strengthen the best IT leadership community in Chicago!

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