“We live in a globally competitive economy that demands a highly-skilled workforce — a workforce of critical thinkers and problem-solvers. Now more than ever, our nation's P-20 education system is being challenged to meet these demands by equipping students with high-level skills and graduating them prepared to compete and succeed.

While it is inspiring to see nationwide momentum building around the importance of ensuring that America's students are scientifically, mathematically, and technologically prepared for the global twenty-first century economy, there is work to be done. And philanthropy has a vital role to play in that work.”

- Paul Luna, president and CEO of the Helios Education Foundation

As stated by Paul Luna, SIM Chicago believes that helping to develop the next generation of STEM leaders is critical to our collective future success.

To support this vision, SIM Chicago’s philanthropy program is primarily focused on developing the next generation to join and contribute to the Information Technology profession. This is primarily done through providing financial support to i.c.Stars and the SIM Chicago Annual Scholarship. SIM Chicago also believes that giving back to the greater Chicagoland community is important. In this area, SIM Chicago provides sponsorship of Arts and Business Council of Chicago and facilitates giveback opportunities for its members.