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2017 Winner - Glenn Schneider, CIO of Discover Financial

2017 Winner - Glenn Schneider, CIO of Discover Financial

CIO of the Year
Prior Year Winners

Since 1995, the Society of Information Management Chicago Chapter together with The Executives’ Club of Chicago and the The Association of Information Technology Professionals (AITP) has recognized technology leaders with the premier CIO of the Year Award in Chicagoland. 

Past winners include:
2017 – Glenn Schneider, CIO of Discover Financial
2016 – Eric Yablonka, VP & CIO, University of Chicago Medical Center and Biological Sciences
2015 – Sonny Garg, VP and Chief Innovation Officer, Exelon (Sonny Garg company)
2014 – Yvonne Scott, CIO, Crowe Horwath LLP
2014 – Brian Hedberg, CIO, Healthcare Service Corporation (HCSC)
2013 – Sanjib Sahoo, CTO, OptionsMonster Holdings, Inc.
2012 – No Award, the process was moved from the Fall of 2012 to the Spring of 2013
2011 – Stewart H. McCutcheon CIO/CPO at Ecolabs/Nalco Company
2010 – Susan Malisch CIO at Loyola University Chicago
2009 – John M. Hinshaw CIO at The Boeing Company
2008 – Timothy R. Zoph CIO at Northwestern Memorial Hospital
2007 – Patricia Morrison CIO at Motorola
2006 – Cathie Brune CIO at Allstate Insurance
2005 – John Golden CIO at C N A Financial
2004 – Patrick Moroney CIO at Health Care Services Corp (BCBS)

2003 – William Farrow CIO at Chicago Board Of Trade (CBOT)
2002 – John Fisher CIO at Smith Bucklin
2001 – John Moon CIO at Baxter Healthcare
2000 – Jean Holley CIO at USG
1999 – Lloyd Love CIO at Amcol International
1998 – Cathie Kozik CIO at Tellabs
1997 – Larry Buettner CIO at First National Bank of Chicago
1996 – Terry McKillop CIO at Rittenhouse Paper
1995 – Mark Barry CIO at TTX