Individual Membership

Individual Membership Categories


Practitioner | 1 year - $395 | 2 years - $630 | 3 years - $830

A senior IT professional in a private or public sector organization who is a corporate/division head or a member of a IT management team supporting the corporate/ division IT head with key management responsibilities. This category includes:
• CIOs and CTOs
• CIOs or CTOs direct reports; and
• Other IT leaders and managers, whose roles significantly impacts the profitability and direction of their company.

Individual Practitioner members may opt for a multi-year membership and lock in pricing and discounts, while submitting a single expense report for multiple years ahead! Multi-year members receive special identification at events and programs!

Non-Profit Practitioner | 1 year - $195

A senior IT professional in a 501C3 non profit organization.  

Per the association’s bylaws, the membership must be comprised of a minimum of 70% practitioners. As a result, the following membership categories may be closed from time to time.

Academic | 1 year - $195

 A full-time university or college faculty member who is making significant contribution to the IT field. An academician who is a recognized scholar and conducts practice-oriented research and/or is a leader in IT curriculum design initiatives. Someone who has reached a senior level in the academic community and has significant influence over the direction of education in IT disciplines.

Retired | 1 year - $195

Retired professionals who served as a senior IT leader 

Product/Service Provider | 1 year - $395 

Individuals, such as consultants or representatives of IT service and product providing firms may also qualify for SIM membership by virtue of the contributions these individuals and their organizations make to the IT world. Leaders at the partner/principal level who influence the direction of their own company or the direction of their clients’ companies are qualified. These individuals must be able to demonstrate that they operate at the senior level and their responsibilities are primarily delivering IT services and/or products, not selling IT products and/or services. Service and product providers must strictly adhere to the Chapter’s current non-solicitation policy
Non-IS Senior Executive | 1 year - $395
A senior business executive from a public or private organization whose primary responsibility is not information management, but plays a key role in the use of information technology in their own organization (i.e. CEO, CFO)